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Bus Capping - What's the score?

From 1st November 2022 until 31st January 2023 bus fares will be capped at £2.00. 

This means that any fares that are above the £1.90 fare band per trip will be capped to £2.00.

We have also discounted 2 main Go products for this 3 month period - The Go Easy and Go Saver products.


Please click here to read the full leaflet


The Go Savers discount prices are only available as paper tickets on our buses and from The Isle of Man Welcome Centre. Ticket validity commences from the day of purchase. Please be aware that these prices are not available online.

All other Go Cards remain at the same price.

*Excludes Night Owls and ConnectPORTS

Top Tips - Get The Best Value

We’re here to help. You can talk to us by visiting the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal or calling 662525 

If you’re new to the bus and the timetable is confusing, talk to us: Call 662525 and we will help you plan your journey and advise on the best value ticket for you.

We also have find my bus where you can track buses in real time.

Give us feedback: Do you like the new prices? Do you have any suggestions? Send us an email at or call 662525.

If you use a Go Places card, it might be worth holding off using it for the next few months. Places cards D, E & F will still be for sale, but won’t be the most cost effective way to travel. Just buy a single or day saver ticket onboard.

Questions and Answers...

Q. Will this affect the timetable?                                     A. No, our buses will run as per our scheduled timetable, which can be found at or by picking up a paper copy.

Q. Will my bus now be too full?
A. We don’t know what effect these prices will have but hope it will increase usage. We will be monitoring this and like other times of the year, may duplicate buses if possible and necessary.

Q. You have no drivers, how are things going to work?
A. Good news! We have some more fantastic drivers as part of our team, so we are in a much better place now.

Q. Will the Capping go beyond January?
A. We don’t know, lets just make the most of it for now.

Q. I go on the Night Owl, will this be capped?
A. No, Night Owls will be at the normal price (double pre capped single price). This has been deemed as non essential travel and after midnight is much more costly to our operation.

Q. Are childrens tickets discounted?
A. Childrens tickets (such as 40p school) are already heavily discounted, so no change to these other than the Go Easy teen.

Q. Does capping include ConnectVillages?
A. Yes... everything’s included apart from Night Owls and ConnectPORTS.

Q. I’ve a Silver or Gold Card, what’s changed for me?
A. Nothing, just keep on enjoying your trips.

Q. Does the £2.00 cap cover multiple journeys?
A. No, it’s single trips.


Why use the Bus?

A full bus can do the job of 40 cars - that’s a lot!

Save money: It all adds up:Insurance, Maintenance, Parking, Fuel - Just think how you could be using that money more wisely.

Health Benefits

Fed up of being stuck in traffic? Suffer from road rage? Bus travel makes your journey stress free.

Walking to and from your bus stop is GOOD for you! Those extra steps instead of just hopping in a car can do your health the world of good. Exercise is proven to improve mental and physical health.

Get Some Time Back
The more people using buses, the faster the journey time. For every additional passenger we have potentially removed one car off the road – that is a significant reduction in traffic.

Think of all the better things you could be doing with your time than driving. Get on the bus and you can catch up on emails, read a book, listen to music, phone a friend, do some knitting, online shopping, try a Sudoku, have a nap; endless possibilities. Or for the courageous amongst you, why not have a conversation with your fellow passengers? Build our sense of community and brighten someone’s day.

Save the Environment
Reduced air pollution – fewer vehicles, fewer emissions
Increased fuel efficiency – the more people on a bus the better the fuel efficiency
Reduced congestion – shorter journey times, less vehicles idling
Reduced wear and tear on roads – fewer vehicles, less damage to roads and a large taxpayer cost saving for repairs
Our buses conform to Euro5 and Euro6 standards - (Euro6 is the cleanest standard)

Free WiFi and charging
All of our buses have free WiFi and more of our buses are being fitted with USB charging points so you can surf, watch, video call without depleting your battery.