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Go Easy cards allow 28 days of unlimited travel on any scheduled bus vannin services and half price travel on our Hullad Oie Night Owl services.

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Bus capping and Reduced Go Easy

Go Easy cards will be reduced for the period from 1st November to 31st January in line with our bus capping.

These can be purchased on line or by visiting the welcome centre.

For further information and more details on the savings you could save click here

How much does a Go Easy card cost?

Cards cost £5 plus the cost of one of the products below.

There are three types of Go Easy card:

Go Easy Adult -                     £80.00 

Go Easy 18-21 Yrs Old -         £60.00 

Go Easy Teen (5-17 yrs) Old - £40.00 


*this card can be used as proof of age for half fare travel, even when the credit has been used.

How do I buy or top up my Go Easy Card?

First you need to buy your card, these cost £5 plus the cost of 28 days travel. Once you have your card it can be topped up as many times as you like. 

Your card will have your photo on. Photos need to be provided in passport form or you can upload a photo if you're buying online.

Go Easy Adult: you can buy your card online, or from the Welcome Centre.

Go Easy Teen and Go Easy 18-21 will require proof of age and so can only be purchased at the Welcome Centre. Please bring your passport, driving licence, or birth certificate with you for identification purposes. If you are bringing your birth certificate with you please also supply a passport style photo which has been signed on the back by an authorised counter signatory (please see below). 

Go Easy cards can be topped up online, or at any of our outlets.


What if I lose my Go Easy card?

You can buy a replacement card for £5. Your lost/previous card will be cancelled. Any not yet activated (stored) passes can be transferred onto your new Go Easy card. Unfortunately we cannot transfer any currently active passes. Please visit or call the Welcome Centre on +44 1624 662525.

Authorised countersignatures

The person acting as your countersignature must comply with all of the following criteria:

  • Be a professional person (including those who are retired) or a person of similar standing in the community. For example, bank or building society officials, police officers, civil servants, ministers of religion and people with professional qualifications – teachers, accountants, engineers, solicitors and so on
  • Have known you personally for at least two years
  • Certify your photograph by writing, ‘I certify that this is a true likeness of (your full name including title)’ on it and also signing it and dating it

And must not...

  • Be related to you (by birth or marriage). This includes partners, in-laws and step-parents
  • Be in a personal relationship with you
  • Live at your address

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