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Starting from Douglas a North adventure day is perfect for exploring and experiencing all the Isle of Man has to offer from unrivalled vistas to amazing Victorian engineering.

Start by catching an electric tram from Derbycastle station at the northern end of Douglas Promenade, make sure to let the conductor know where you are going to as there is over 50 request stops to choose from! We have included the Pole numbers for each stop below which can be given to the conductors.

Groudle Glen

First on our list would have to be a visit to Groudle Glen Railway a small Victorian railway built in 1896 which was then part of Groudle glen pleasure grounds which included novalities such as sea lions and polar bears whilst these animals are no longer kept there are the remains of there enclosures. There is a also a seasonal cafe and amazing Glen and beach to explore. 

Pole number: 117


Laxey and Snaefell Mountain Railway 

Second would be a visit to the small mining town of Laxey, here you can find such attractions such as Laxey Mines Railway, the Famous Laxey wheel, the Woolen Mills and Snaefell Mountain Railway.

Disembark at Laxey station for transfering onto the Snaefell Mountain Railway. A mere few meters apart. Allow a good few hours for this round trip up the Mountain, it only takes 30 minutes from Laxey to reach the summit and on a clear day you can see the seven kingdoms.

Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Isle of Man, Sea and Heaven.

Why not try one of our sunset dinners, a set of unique dining events held in the restuarant at the top of Snaefell.

Pole number: 359

Railway ramble


Dhoon Glen 

A spectacular Glen not to be missed, Dhoon glen offers an abundance of charm and character. It is halfway down this steep wooded valley that Inneen Vooar or Big Girl can be found. One of the largest watefalls the island has to offer with its two tiered drop spanning 130ft. Tackling the 190 steps down to the shore is no mere feet and caution should be taken but this Glen is favoured by budding photographers and walkers.

Pole number - 531

Explore The Glen, Ballaragh, King Orrys Grave, Agneash and Laxey with this Railway ramble


Ballaglass Glen

A relatively small Glen popular with artists, photographers and walkers. Ballaglass offers tranquility and scenes that are perfect for that budding artist. The intertwining Cornaa river runs serpentine through the glen. Ruins and tholtans can be found throughout the glen from rich history of mining and milling.   

Pole number - 654 

Explore this glen and surrounding area by going on this Railway ramble


Ballajora / Belle Vue

Alight here to explore Maughold, once home to an important Celtic Monstery. Many crosses have been found in the local area and are now on display in Maughold Church Yard. Some Beautiful walks and little beaches and coves can be found along this route. Port Mooar and Port Lewaigue are just a few. Why not walk through Maughold and get back on the tram at Belle Vue or Ballajora. Just follow the Main Road!