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Buses to and from the Sea Terminal

On arrival to the Isle of Man by Sea, it is only a short walk (250m) to Lord Street Bus Interchange, which is the main departure point for buses on the Island.

For Buses to hotels on Douglas Promenade and Onchan, buses depart from Stand F which is on Loch Promenade which is only a short walk from the Sea Terminal.


Lord Street Bus Interchange 

Buses depart from five Stands at Douglas Lord Street Bus Interchange, Below is a summary of all the services and which stand they depart from.

Stand A 
Service 4 and 4B for Ballaughton Manor Hill, Foxdale, Patrick, Glen Maye and Niarbyl (infrequent service)
Services 21, 21B and 21H for Pulrose, Anagh Coar, Farmhill then IOM Business Park or Nobles Hospital depending on which service 

Stand B 
Service 5, 5A, 5C, 6, 6A and 6C for Nobles Hospital, Union Mills, Crosby, St Johns, Peel, Kirk Michael, Ballaugh, Wildlife Park, Sulby and Ramsey

Stand C
Services 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 12 and 12A for Santon, Ballasalla, Airport, Castletown, Colby, Port Erin and Port St Mary.

Stand D 
Service 3, for Rosemount, St Ninians, TT Grandstand, Onchan, Laxey and Ramsey
Service 3A for Rosemount, York Road, Victoria Road, Onchan, Laxey and Ramsey
Service 22(H) for Rosemount, Willaston, Governors Hill, Birch Hill and Onchan.
Service 25(H) for Rosemount, York Road, Victoria Road, Onchan, Birch Hill, Governors Hill and Willaston.

Stand E – Service X3 for Ramsey. This is a limited stop express service that operates Monday to Friday at Peaktimes only.


A map showing all of the locations served on the Isle of Man can be found here

Full bus Timetables can be found by clicking Here


Cash and contactless payments are accepted on our buses, it is preferred to use contactless where possible. Single day Go Saver and Go Explore tickets can be purchased on board any of our buses, multi day Go Explore and Go Saver are available from the airport information desk; which is located on the left as you exit the baggage reclaim area, other locations these cards can be purchased and topped up are:

  • Welcome Centre – located in the Sea Terminal, Douglas
  • Ramsey Bus Station
  • Port Erin Railway Station
  • House of Manannan, Peel.

If you are arriving in the late afternoon or evening it is recommended to pay for your single journeys on the bus rather than using your Go Explore or Go Saver card to get the most out of them as they work on a midnight to midnight basis rather than from the first time they are used. Below are some of the fares you can expect to pay whilst using our buses.

For a full break down of fares and the Go Explore card cost further information can be found on our Bus Fares and Go Cards pages.