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Isle of Man Transport have adopted the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme as part of its ongoing commitment to making travelling around the Island accessible to all.
The international scheme includes the identifier of a sunflower - in the form of a lanyard, wristband or pin badge - to help discreetly identify passengers with hidden disabilities so that they receive the assistance they need.
Sunflower identifiers will be offered to passengers at no cost as part of the voluntary programme.
Hidden disabilities may not be instantly recognisable, but can significantly affect a person’s life, making an everyday task such as preparing and undertaking a bus trip stressful.
 ‘We are committed to giving all customers an easier travel experience. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme is not only helpful for those with hidden disabilities using Isle of Man Transport services, it is also widely recognised by other on-Island businesses and organisations, as well as in the UK and internationally.’
We have collaborated with a number of disabilities organisations to both launch the scheme and provide ongoing awareness training to our operational teams. We would welcome any other organisations who would like to be involved.
Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyards, wristbands or pins are now available to Isle of Man Transport customers, and can be collected from the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal in Douglas, Port Erin Bus/Railway Station and Ramsey Bus Station.

What to Expect When Travelling on our Buses:

We are keen to make our buses accessible to as many of our customers as possible.

We understand that customers have different needs, and sometimes the worry of how to get on and off the bus and what to expect can be a deterrent.

For this reason we have filmed some of our buses internally in 3D and put tags and videos around the buses so customers can have a detailed look and understand what to expect prior to using the service.

See inside our buses by clicking the links below.

Click here to have a virtual look at a Double Decker Bus

Click here to have a virtual look at a Single Decker


If you still have any doubts, please contact us on 01624 662525 or email