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We accept contactless on all of our buses

Contactless is the fast, easy, and secure way to pay for your tickets. All you need is a contactless enabled card or Apple or Android pay on your smart phone or watch.

It's faster - it takes under a second for a contactless payment to register. It saves you time finding the right change, saves our drivers time counting money and paying in at the end of the day, and saves us time reconciling large amounts of cash. 

It's secure - contactless payments have the same level of protection as chip and PIN payments.

It's convenient - hop on and off without having to worry about having cash.

What can you use contactless for?

Any tickets bought on the bus up to a total of £45 in any one transaction.

Can I use contactless on the railways?

You can use card or contactless to buy tickets at any manned railway stations - this is the easiest option. Contactless is only available for on board ticket purchases on the Isle of Man Steam Railway, however if there is a station where you are boarding this is preferable.

Using a non-UK contactless card

Most contactless cards or devices issued outside the UK can be used to buy tickets. Unfortunately we do not accept Maestro or American Express.

Viewing your contactless trips

You can view all of your bus vannin transactions by clicking here. This will take you to our partners littlepay who provide the platform for us to be able to accept contactless payments.

Do you still accept cash?

Yes, we do still accept cash on board our buses, trains and trams. Please try to have the correct fare ready as this will allow you to board much faster, and although our team do have change it doesn't take many £10 or £20 notes before they're running low. 


If you think there has been a problem with your contactless transaction please let us know by emailing all the details to We will look into it and get back to you as soon as we can.