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Travel the Island by bus and rail 

The Isle of Man offers a unique opportunity to explore the Island by public transport whether that be by bus, train, tram and horse tram.

Take advantage of our explorer passes which includes unlimited travel on all our services under the one ticket. These can even include access to all Manx National Heritage sites.


Going South by train from Douglas 

Starting from Douglas exploring the South has never been easier. A vast array of things to do, from Castles, Beach and Coastal walks to watching the sunset at the end of the day with a Manx Fizz in hand. 


Foraging Vintners

Going North from Douglas by Electric tram  

Starting from Douglas a North adventure day is perfect for exploring and experiencing all the Isle of Man has to offer from unrivalled vistas to amazing Victorian engineering.

Take the tram from any of the designated stops to explore the Glens and sites that are on offer. Railway rambles are great guides which can be found through the links. 


Ballaglass Glen 


Going West from Douglas by bus 

Starting from Douglas catch the bus to explore the West of the island. Buses run frequently from Lord street stand B. Why not hop off at St Johns to see the worlds oldest outdoor continuous parliament location called (Tynwald Hill), there is also a National park and Arboretum with over 25 acres to explore, bring a pack lunch and catch some rays.


Continuing by bus to Peel will bring you to this amazing small fishing town where a castle meets the sea and the Vikings come alive. Try the best of Manx produce from Kippers, Queenies and Davidsons ice cream. Sunset city as some will know wont dissapoint when the time comes for the day to finish.


Peel Castle