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We might be biased, but we think our bus service is great, and here's why:

A full bus can do the job of 40 cars - that's a lot!

1) Health benefits

  • Fed up of being stuck in traffic? Suffer from road rage? Bus travel makes your journey stress free. We all know stress is bad for us so why not reduce the stress you can control?
  • Walking to and from your bus stop is GOOD for you! Those extra steps instead of just hopping in a car can do your health the world of good. Exercise is proven to improve mental and physical health, and can also increase your productivity at work

2) Get some time back

The more people using buses, the faster the journey time. For every additional passenger we have potentially removed once car off the road – that is a significant reduction in traffic.

Think of all the better things you could be doing with your time than driving. Get on the bus and you can catch up on emails, read a book, listen to music, phone a friend, do some knitting, online shopping, try a Sudoku, have a nap; endless possibilities. And just think how much time you’re saving.

Or for the really courageous amongst you, why not have a conversation with your fellow passengers! Build our sense of community and brighten someone’s day.

3) Save the environment

  • Reduced air pollution – fewer vehicles, fewer emissions
  • Increased fuel efficiency – the more people on a bus the better the fuel efficiency
  • Reduced congestion – shorter journey times, less vehicle idling
  • Reduced wear and tear on roads – fewer vehicles, less damage to roads and a large taxpayer cost saving for repairs

Our buses conform to EuroV and Euro6 standards, see our fleet list.

4) Save money

It all adds up:

  • insurance and tax
  • maintenance
  • parking
  • fuel

Just think how you could be using that money more wisely. If you commute from Port Erin, Peel or Ramsey taking the bus could work out cheaper, and if you then pay for parking you will see considerable savings – see our Go Card options for more information.

5) Free WiFi and charging

All of our buses have free WiFi and more of our buses are being fitted with USB charging points.

Fantastic for our tourists too, you can research places to visit and take photos to your hearts content.

6) Safety

Our drivers are professionally trained, hold Public Passenger Vehicle licences and our incident rates are low. 

All of our buses have CCTV cameras which digitally record multiple views in the bus to keep our customers and our drivers safe.

We are increasing the use of lighting in our shelters to help our customers to be seen by our drivers at night, and also to help customers feel safer.

7) Social inclusion

We are passionate about social inclusion, and this forms a big part of our service. This involves trying to keep people in their homes as long as possible, especially the elderly.

Our services allow our more vulnerable customers to maintain a level of independence by going to the shops, or to visit family and friends.

For many this wouldn’t be an option without public transport and would increase dependence on our already stretched public health services.

By supporting us and choosing to travel by bus you help us to increase our capacity to provide social inclusion services.

8) Our buses are great

We are so lucky on the island to have such a modern fleet of buses which are fully accessible, clean, and with free WiFi.

We work really had to make sure that we cater for the needs of as many people as possible. Our routes cover the vast majority of the island, and we continuously monitor our departure times and routing to match demand.

See our Timetable page for journey information, or our Tickets page for fares and Go Cards or for more information contact us.