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Making a booking with the MANNgo app is simple

1. Download the app
2. Create an account – By entering your information you will create an account
3. Book a ride – Enter your pick up and drop off location and choose the ride option that works for you.
4. Meet your driver: Check the app to find out exactly where vehicle is in real time.



Download the App now

  or Download by clicking here


 or Download by clicking here


In addition to the App, bookings can still be made by calling 697440 between 08.30am and 16.30pm Monday to Friday

Useful tips for using MANNgo

• If you live or work in the eligible area you can set your home address/work address, just click on favourites and add them to dropping a pin on the map, then these will always appear for you to book.

• If map can’t find your address don’t worry, just click on ‘set on map’ and drop the pin on where you want to go to/from

• You can book recurring trips and return trips.

• You can tell us if you plan to use a go card, so it will calculate the correct ticket fare.

• If you’re not in the app don’t worry, we will send you a text tic infirm your booking.

• You can track your minibus, you can physically see where your booked minibus is and its registration, so you know you’ll be boarding the right one!

• Don’t forget to leave us feedback once you’ve finished a ride, this will be used to help us improve our service to you.