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Go School

(Please note: Cards are physical and can take up to 10 days to be posted to an address)

Students up to 19 years of age travelling between their home and Isle of Man Government run schools and college courses can make use of a pre-paid Go School travel card. Each journey will cost 50p.

For Go Card enquiries please call 662525 or email

There are three types of Go School cards:

Go School 1 (SCH1) - primary school children

Go School 2 (SCH2) - secondary school students

Go College (SCH3) - full time students aged 16-19 years attending University College Isle of Man.

(see below for free school travel eligibility)

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(Please note: Cards are physical and can take up to 10 days to be posted to an address)


Go School 1 and 2 cards are valid during term time up until 6pm. Please ensure you board the bus before 6pm otherwise your Go School card will not be accepted and standard half fare will be payable.

Go College cards are valid during college term time up to 9:30pm to allow students to access evening classes. A college ID card must also be carried and shown to the driver. Journeys can only be taken on Douglas routes away from the college after 6pm.

Go School and Go College cards are not valid on weekends or during school holidays - standard fare will apply to these journeys.

How do I buy and top up a card?

Go School cards cost £2. Once you have purchased a card you can top it up as many times as you need.

Online: You can purchase your card online, and online top ups are available in multiples of 20 trips from £10. Please note: Cards are physical and can take up to 10 days to be posted to an address

In person: You can buy your card in person from the Welcome Centre in the Sea Terminal, Ramsey Bus Station, Port Erin Railway Station, the House of Manannan in Peel, and the Airport Information Desk (SCH1 and SCH2 only at the airport). Your card can be topped up with a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £50 at these issuing stations.

Free School Travel

Children who receive free school meals may be exempt from paying a fare on school buses and those eligible will be issued with a Go School travel card by the Department of Education and Children. Click here for more information. Please note applications will not be processed if you live within one mile of the school your child attends. 


Register your card

We highly recommend that you register your card. This is so that if your card gets handed in we can get it back to you, or if it gets lost we can transfer any remaining validity or credit onto a new card. You can do this online by creating an account and following the steps to register a card. If you purchased your card online it is automatically registered.


Can multiple students travel on one card?

Yes! The card must be scanned on the ticket machine once for each student, and a journey will be deducted from the card each time it is scanned. e.g. Scan the card twice for two students.  The number of scans is only limited by the number of journeys available on the card. 

What if my journey requires more than one bus?

You only need to pay one fare in each direction. Let the driver know, and as the Go School card is scanned they will issue a paper transfer ticket. This transfer ticket can then be used to board a second bus within one hour of the ticket being issued. The driver cannot issue transfer tickets retrospectively so please remember to ask at the time of boarding. 

What if I forget my card?

Those travelling to school without a Go School card, or at other times such as evenings and weekends, will have to pay the standard fare. 

My card is damaged and doesn't work, what should I do?

Please look after your card, if the card has stopped working because it has been damaged you will be charged for the replacement. Damage includes bending or snapping the card, excessive scratches which can damage the circuit, defacing or covering with stickers. Keep your card dry and don't expose it to extreme temperatures.

Can I get a refund on unused journeys at the end of the school term?

Yes. Fill in this form and either take it to the Welcome Centre in the Sea Terminal along with your Go School card, or post the form and Go Card to us at Transport Headquarters, Banks Circus, Douglas, IM1 5PT.

For Go Card enquiries please call 662525 or email