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What is a Go Card?

Go Cards are a physical smart card ticketing product offering fantastic reduced fares in a secure and convenient form making it quicker and easier to travel.

We offer a wide range of products to make sure you get the best value for money. So whether you are wanting unlimited travel or a better fare on a regular journey we've got the perfect ticket for you.

All of our Go Cards are physical cards, and can not be used on a mobile phone. Cards ordered can take up to 10 days to arrive.

For Go Card enquiries please call 662525 or email

Buy or Top Up Go Cards Here

(Please note: Cards are physical and can take up to 10 days to be posted to an address)


There are four main categories of Go Cards;

Unlimited travel - ranging from one day to 360 days, for buses, railways, or buses and railways

Journey based tickets - these are great for regular but infrequent travel such as commuting travelling twice a week

School passes - to get to and from school or UCM

Concessionary passes - for Manx senior citizens, disability passes and Manx blind

The diagrams below should help in working out which card is best for you. Links to each different Go Card type can be found below the diagram.

Choosing the right card for you:

Find out more: Go Platinum  Go Easy  Go Saver  Go Explore 


Find out more: Go Places


Find out more: Go School



Find out more: Go Silver  Go Gold  Go Gold Plus 

Where can I buy my Go Card?


Most Go Cards can be purchased online. This is often the easiest way to buy your card, and for visitors to the island you can have your Go Explore card delivered before you leave home. Please note it may take up to 10 days for online card purchases to be delivered.

In Store

You can also buy your Go Cards at the following locations:


The Welcome Centre, Sea Terminal (8am-6pm Monday-Saturday, Closed on Sundays throughout Winter)

Douglas Steam Railway Station (when trains are operating)

Derby Castle MER Station (when trams are operating)


Ramsey Bus Station (7:30am-5pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturdays)

Laxey and Ramsey MER Stations (when trams are operating*)


Isle of Man Airport Information Desk (When Airport Open)

Port Erin Railway Station (When trains are operating*)

Castletown Railway Station (when trains are operating*)


House of Manannan, Peel (10am-5pm daily except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year's Day)

*please note that staff at these locations are required to perform tasks concerned with the arrival and departure of trains, trams and buses, and so you may have a short wait until the ticket office is manned again.

If buying in store please remember to register your card


One day Go Explore and Go Saver paper tickets are available to buy on any bus, tram or train, or at any manned railway station. There is no £2 card fee for paper one day tickets.

Go Card FAQs

Which is the best Go Card for commuting?

There are three savings options for commuters:

Unlimited bus travel - Go Saver for 1, 3, 5, or 7 days unlimited travel, or Go Easy for 28 days unlimited travel. These both include half fare on Hullad Oie Night Owl services, and mean you can use the buses to commute to work plus travel in the evenings and weekends.

Annual unlimited travel - Go Platinum Bus includes all Island bus services. Go Platinum Reserve offers unlimited travel on all bus services, plus all railway services and entry to Manx National Heritage sites.

Same route every day - a Go Places card allows you to buy a block of journeys at a reduced fare to use at your leisure. These tickets have no expiry date.

How do I use my Go Card?

When you board any bus, train or tram you will be asked to scan in your Go Card. Place the card flat on the blue card reader or give it to your train guard or tram conductor. You will hear a short beep to confirm that the card has been read. If there is a louder beep there may be an issue with the card - this may be because it hasn't been read properly, it is invalid, or the card was removed too soon. Your driver will give you more information.

How do I activate my Go Card?

Your Go Card will activate from first use - this is the first time you scan your card on board any of our buses, trains or trams. For products that are time based, e.g. Go Explore, Go Saver, Go Easy, this will activate the product on the card and count as the first day of use. Please note these tickets are valid for whole calendar days rather than 24 hour periods.

You can load more than one period pass onto a card, and once one product has expired the next time you use your card the next product will activate automatically.

Do I need to register my Go Card?

We highly recommend that you register your card. This is so that if you lose your card and it is handed in, then we can get it back to you. If a card gets lost and isn't handed in we can only transfer remaining credit to a new card if the lost card has been registered. You can register your Go Card online by creating an account and following the steps to register a card. The other benefit or registering your card is that you can top up and check your balance online.

Cards that have your photo on (Go Platinum, Go Easy, Go Silver, Go Gold, Go Gold Plus cards) are all registered at the time of issue.

How do I check the balance on my card?

You can check the balance of your card online, or in person at the Welcome Centre. Credit and expiry dates on all cards can be checked at the House of Manannan, and all main bus and rail stations.

How do I top up my Go Card?

With a few exceptions, most Go Cards can be topped up either online or at any of our outlets. To top up online you will need to create an account and register your card, and then choose the product you wish to add. 

Please allow up to 24 hours for online top ups to arrive on your card - this is because our Ticketing system refreshes itself periodically, and it will have needed to have been refreshed to add the product to your card. Please note your top up will only show on your online account after you have next used your card. Please contact us if you have any problems topping up.

My Go Card is faulty, what should I do?

Sometimes something may go wrong with the circuit inside your card. Your driver, conductor or guard will let you know if the card isn't readable on the ticket machine. A standard fare will have to be paid until it is replaced, except for children using a Go School card.

Please look after your card, if the card has stopped working because it has been damaged you will be charged for the replacement. Damage includes bending or snapping the card, excessive scratches which can damage the circuit, defacing or covering with stickers. Keep your card dry and don't expose it to extreme temperatures.

Please take your faulty Go Card to the Welcome Centre in the Sea Terminal, Ramsey Bus Station, Port Erin Railway Station or the House of Manannan in Peel where a replacement will be issued without charge.

If you have registered your card we will be able to transfer any remaining validity or credit onto a new card. If you haven't registered your card unfortunately we cannot do this transfer.

Cards are automatically deactivated if not used for 12-15 months depending on the card type. Once deactivated cards cannot be re-activated. Go Places cards do not expire.

Help, I've lost my Go Card!

If you lose your card we will be able to issue a replacement provided you have registered it. Please see the specific page for the type of card that is lost for more information. You will have to pay the £2 activation fee for a replacement card.

Can I get a refund?

Go School card credits can be refunded when they are no longer required. Please complete the refund form 4R. If the card has been reported lost and deactivated we will be unable to refund any outstanding balance.

Refunds are not normally available on any other type of Go Card.

How do I contact you?

For Go Card enquiries please call 662525 or email